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SiteSell Toolbar for Firefox & IE 5.0+. It's free, with no spyware or viruses, does not open pop-ups or hijack your searches, and no personal information is required.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


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an EffectiveBrand toolbar
I love SiteSell. I use Site Build It! for two of my website for the past 6 months and doing very well. My Alexa Rank for Mount Kinabalu is currently hovering over 120,00 and Google PageRank of 4.

I love all the tools from SiteSell and Ken Evoy's team very much. But I have problems. For those who have been using SiteSell and SBI!, you must have a similar problems with me. Do you notice that SiteSell website is very large and each SiteSell product will be created in a different subdomain? So, for me, I need to actually bookmark almost ALL the important SiteSell pages in a specific folder in my Firefox browser, but as my bookmark folder getting fatter, it becomes a nuisance for me as it is difficult to access my SiteSell site, especially the regular SiteSell tool site like Search It! and SiteSell Login pages.

So, I decided to make a specific toolbar for SiteSell, with all the imporatant tools, pages and news - all in only ONE toolbar. I started searching in Google for 'toolbar creator' but it did not give me a good results. As I love Firefox, I also tried to build my own Forefox extension toolbar - but it is not as easy as it looks like. Firefox have a very good documentation on building an extension and toolbar, but the language seems really foreign to me. It took me one month looking for a perfect solution.

Yesterday, as I install and uninstall some of my extension (because too many of the extension makes Firefox becomes heavy and it slows down my browser), I found EffectiveBrand, a free community toolbar creator. As it is just 'filling in the blanks' and 'select few options' kind of bowser based software, it only took me less than 6 hours to create my first toolbar! It took me another couple of hours to tune up the toolbar, to make it more user friendly.

Oh, did I tell you that they have a very nice GUI and hundreds of icon to choose? I think that you are going to like it!

Enough said. Lets get to the details...

What does SiteSell Toolbar let me do?

The MOST important thing about this SiteSell Toolbar is, it's FREE with no spyware or viruses, does not open pop-ups or hijack your searches, and no personal information is required.

More specific features for SiteSell Toolbar:
  1. Includes all the FREE SiteSell Tools,
    1. Search It!, which is the only ecommerce-related search tool that you (and your visitors, readers, friends and colleagues) will ever need.
    2. Choose It!, which is a decision making software that lets you take tough questions and make decisions quickly and easily. It's amazing software.
    3. Site Build It! Action Guide shows how to execute the natural, powerful C-T-P-M process, using SBI!'s easy-to-use, integrated set of tools.
    4. SiteSell Value Exchange, the World's ONLY True-Blue, Real Link Exchanger that WORKS!
    5. SpamCheck Build It!, which will create some great copy for you, as well as your HTML with your RR URL. They will write your cookie right away, even if the visitor to the SpamCheck Web page never actually uses it! :-)
    6. Alexa Traffic Test, which shows how your own site ranks (or that of a friend or associate or competitor, perhaps), compared to 56.1 million others.
  2. SiteSell Login pages:
    1. 5 Pillar Club & Site Build It!
    2. SiteSell Forums
  3. Downloadable Ebook from SiteSell:
    1. Make Your Content Presell! Everyone should know how to write... to communicate!
    2. Make Your Site SELL! 2002. The definitive work on making ANY website SELL!
    3. Make Your Knowledge Sell!. Turn knowledge into revenue - sell your brain on the net.
    4. Make Your Price Sell! Price with complete confidence & double your Net profits.
    5. Make Your Words Sell! Want to sell MORE? Become an e-persuader.
    6. Make Your Net Auction Sell! An e-biz in every closet... Get into Auction Action!
  4. SiteSell Masters Courses:
    1. WAHM-IT!, The Masters Courses. Keep putting your family first. Be a Work-at-Home Mom (WAHM) and successfully build a real business on the Net.
    2. Netwriting Masters Course. Want to sell more? Write better. Write smarter. First, write to PREsell. Then write to SELL. The only course on the Net that shows you how to do both. And it's free!
    3. Affiliate Masters Course. Become a high-earning affiliate champion.
    4. Service Sellers Masters Course. Attract new clients from around the world...
      Or from around the block.
    5. Make Your Net Auction Sell!, The Masters Course. Start and grow a profitable Net auction business.
    6. Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course. Show Webmasters how to run the BUSINESS of Webmastering... Super-assisted, of course, by the ultimate productivity tool.
    7. Make Your Price Sell!, The Masters Course. "How much money are you leaving on the table?" Price with complete confidence & double your Net profits.
  5. SiteSell Resources:
    1. Certified Webmaster Directory. "I love it, but I just don't have the time." Overcome this tragic-but-common, all-too-true objection by referring this "too-busy" small business person to the sales-generating SBI! Certified Webmaster Directory.
    2. SiteSell Ezine & Newsletter. It begins at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and gets better from there!
    3. Master the Word to Webmasters. Small business people who "do it themselves" are the tip of the iceberg. Webmasters reach the iceberg... those who want others to do it for them.
    4. Compare SBI! Feature. Invite your visitors/readers/friends/colleagues to compare SBI!'s feature set with Yahoo! Web Hosting Pro, Verisign Web Business Expert and Microsoft bCentral Professional. The difference is striking...
    5. SBI! Community. SBIers are winners. They change their lives. They help and get help at the SBI!Forums. They thrive. Sometimes, pictures are worth a million words...
    6. Questions For SiteSell?
  6. Promote SiteSell. Tell your friends about SiteSell.
  7. Real Simple SiteSell Syndication (RSSSS!). This RRS feed provides penetrating insight into how the Web's #1 small business e-commerce company,, runs its own family of sites. Updates, lessons, mistakes... it's all there. Quick, easy, interesting lessons. Simple to promote...
That's it! All the most important SiteSell webpages in one small toolbar!

Get SiteSell Toolbar now!

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+

an EffectiveBrand toolbar


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